??????????????????????????????? Delosperma sp. at Tiffindell

A few hundred yards to the West of the ski lodge at Tiffindell, a lush vlei (South African for moist swale) filled with Kniphofia caulescens rises gradually up to rim rock. Here and there scattered among dozens of wonderful alpines, clumps of a large, lusty Delosperma can be found, in full bloom mid January this year.

This is utterly distinct from the much smaller, more delicate delosperma that’s found on the cliffs at Naude’s Nek not far away (shown previously). One of the two is undoubtedly the elusive D. lavisiae, and both have gone by that name, but there are surely two taxa. This larger one is firmly established in cultivation..before we go to those, here’s another picture taken the same day and place:  January 16, 2015.


Location: Latitude: -30.65105628463363, Longitude: 27.926387786865234           Elevation: 2810 m. (9219‘)

IMG_4890 - Copy

Delosperma sp. photographed between Naude’s Nek and Tiffendell

Photograph taken February 2, 2005

Seed collected by an earlier expedition yielded a number of plants that have been grown widely in the past decade including a clone ‘Tiffindell’ shown below growing in the South African Plaza at Denver Botanic Gardens. It has been mistakenly distributed as Delosperma ‘Tiffendell’ (a mispelling of the Ski Area’s name).