Delosperma ashtonii on Platberg slide transfer 054 - CopyLocation: Latitude -28.25154, Longitude 24.96542                                          Elevation: 2 394 m

If the picture looks a bit, well, dated–it is. Scanned from a transparency taken in January of 1994 on top of Platberg, a Nature preserve on the slopes above Harrismith in the Orange Free State. This was taken on my very first foray in the Drakensberg area with Dr. J.P. Roux, now deceased, who had created the Drakensberg Botanic Garden in the town below a decade or more earlier. The Delosperma grew wild on the site of that Garden as well. I have subsequently seen this many places in the Drakensberg proper–although I haven’t scanned slides of it from those areas yet. It is well established in cultivation, including some wonderful color forms, see below.

???????????????????????????????Here is the same taxon blooming in my home garden on June 16, 2010

D. ashtonii 'Peach Star'  May 15 2008 236This is the selection ‘Peach Star’ which is sold by Jelitto Seeds in Germany–a wonderful (and highly variable–grown from seed) selection.

Type specimen at the Bolus Herbarium, Capetown

D. ashtonii type and painting Lesotho IMG_4829 - Copy