DSC00257 Delosperma sp. at Semonkong

One of the many surprises of my most recent trip to South Africa was finding a distinctive and wonderful new Delosperma at Semonkong Lodge, where I had stayed almost twenty years earlier! At that time the Lodge was configured differently, and we did not explore the large cliffs across the way. These are positively studded with this rather rangy species (growing very much like D. cooperi at Oxbow a few hundred miles further north by road, and a thousand feet higher), though this waif is not nearly as showy, it is still attractive and would be worth trying.

Delosperma sp. at Semonkong: Latitude: 29.51656 South; Longitude: 27.83114

Altitude: 2185m ( 7170′)

DSC00280DSC00262 DSC00263 DSC00255DSC00263

A wealth of other interesting taxa grew alongside the Delosperma including Aloe aristata and Cotyledon orbiculata. There was a fabulous stand of Phygelius capensis there as well, see below.