IMG_5031 Delosperma seanii-hoganii

This picture was taken on Sunday, ‎February ‎06, ‎2005, not far from the Chalet on the summit of Sani Pass, Lesotho. This is the locus classicus of this newly described species–and the only place where it appears to grow abundantly.

I have seen specimens at the Compton Herbarium by Ernst Van Jaarsveld of the same taxon on the Cathedral Peaks, and I found a very few small specimens on the high Ridge directly north of Tiffindell, practically at the Lesotho boundary at over 3000m two weeks ago.

Location: Latitude: 29.58534 South; Longitude: 29.28725 East

Altitude: 2874m. (9429′)

Delosperma Sean-hoganii 2 Delosperma seanii-hoganii

Here is the same taxon growing in my garden–a picture taken on

DSC06174 Oettingen, Germany  ‎May ‎09, ‎2013,

And above you can see the propagules at the Kakteen Garten nursery in Oettingen nursery a few years ago: before the taxon was even named!