DSC_0139 Delosperma cooperi

Date photographed: Jan. 13, 2015

I had first visited the remarkable hill near the Oxbow Lodge in northern Lesotho in February of 2004. It is a great pleasure and privilege to have returned to this magical spot eleven years later…there is so much in this area, perhaps I will be privileged to return another time. The North facing cliffs of the small meseta are draped with numerous mounds and mats of Delosperma cooperi. As the mesa curves towards the south, Delosperma nubigenum appears among the purple cooperi: I had not noticed them mingling so much on my previous visit. Eventually, in the shadier aspect, the nubigenum dominates, forming wonderful festooning mats I will feature next. I featured this site in an article published in the Cactus and Succulent Society of America’s journal called “Ice Plants on skis” (Cactus and Succulent Journal 78(4):190-194. 2006)

Latitude: 28.77372 South; Longitude: 28.67058 East

Elevation: 2698m; 8839′

 DSC_0123 - Copy
Another view at Oxbow.
Delosperma cooperi ex Oxbow in cultivation at Denver Botanic Gardens’ South African plaza.
Picture taken June 20, 2010
Delosperma cooperi Oxbow Picture 017
Delosperma cooperi ex Oxbow
Growing in half shade in my home garden (Quince St.) in Denver.
 Blooming June 19, 2009